New Year, New Things

Here we are in a New Year. Glad that 2015 is here and that I am here. 

Over the last few months, I have been working through my vision for this blog, what it is, where I want it to go. I have some major plans and collaboration in the works - It is likely going to take all year to get the full picture, but as the year progresses, you will begin to see snippets of it. I am trying to build this into a true Life + Style blog with sprinkles of everything to make your days (and mine) a bit more effortless. I have been working on new content and you will start to see those unfold on the blog here in the coming weeks.

Staring, the week of January 5th. I will be posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be a wednesday inspiration quote and an occassion 4th post. The 4th post will fluctuate to give me some flexibility while I juggle studies, a full time job and a second blog.  In addition the existing content, some new content coming to the blog.

The Style Edit. One of the major personal projects on my list this year - clearing out my closet and using statement pieces I already own to build a closet. I will be documenting my progress and sharing some style boards once a month.

The Food Diaries. If you missed the announcement, I lauched a food blog a few months ago (hint. click here to check it out) where I talk about food to my heart's content four days a week, so the food posts on R.D.R.B will significantly reduce. You will see the odd simple, ready in 30 minute recipe and also a monthly roundup of 10 easy to make recipes that should come in handy on those days when deciding "what's for dinner" becomes a pain in the you know what.

Wednesday Inspiration. I love quotes and this will be a way for me to share some of my favorites. Wednesday is one of the hardest, stressful days of the week - so a little pick me up in form of an inspiration quote.

The Fitness Plan. Not sure the frequency of this yet, I am thinking monthly or every other month. I will share portions of my fitness plan (including meals, workout, gear, even workout play list) and discuss how those are working (or not working for me). Will also have some fitness expert share some fitness thoughts.

Categories. You will see that condensed a lot in the next few weeks to reflect the new direction of the blog. I will also be updating the pages and revamping those a bit.

Some additional content that is launching (or relaunching) later in the year (and I will talk about this more as they launch). The DIYs; The Book Club; Career and Finance Notes (tips on budgeting, staying on budget, dressing for interview, writing a resume) and Entertaining Notes (tips for planning a shower, sharing details from actual events planned etc)

I am excited (so should you). 

Cheers to 2015