HI ! I'm Simi - Welcome to THE SIMI EDIT (T.S.E)

 "Travel leaves us speechless and then turns us into storytellers" 

That, in a nutshell is why and how this space was created. I have always loved to visit new places and experience different cultures - which was one of the reasons I moved from West Africa to the States almost fifteen years ago, but it was not until 2012, on my first solo trip that I truly became a wanderlust and began to discover the beauty that lies on the other side of caution and comfort zones. There is so much beauty in the world and I have been incredibly blessed to see some of it. The Simi Edit (TSE) is where I share my stories (and bring some of the beauty in the world to you) in hopes that you will find the inspiration let go of caution and comfort zone to go on your own travel adventure. When I am not on the road - I call London home.

I moved to London in 2017 from Dallas, TX to continue to fulfill my travel goals. I work full-time as an Accountant and travel every chance I get. My goal with this page is not just to show you the incredible beauty in the world; but also to dispel all (dis) illusion that you have to quit your job to be able to travel the world. While I think those with that option are incredibly blessed, I don’t think the majority of people who have the desire to see the world have that option, so I hope my website and blog opens you to the opportunity that travel is for all and it can be accomplished while working a full-time job. I will show you how I do it.

I share guide from all my trips here. You can find all of my stories by location by clicking the TSE Footprint button at the top of the page. I also offer travel consulting for a fee to help you plan your trips; put together an itinerary for your travels; assist you with finding the best destination and if you have budget constrains - no worries - all my travels plans can be budget friendly. I also assist with getting you the information you need to apply for Visa etc because not all of us have a travel friendly passport. I need a visa to almost every Country in the world so I know the challenges involved. I have leveraged the visas I have been lucky to get and I am happy to share how with you. (Disclaimer: While I will share everything I know/did to obtain a visa , that is not a guarantee that a visa will be issued) Read more here.

Whatever your travel goals are - I am here to help guide you through making it a reality so visit my Travel Consultancy page to learn how to begin the process.

Coming soon: I will also be hosting TSE group trips - for those who want to see the world but cannot persuade a friend to tag along ? No worries, the TSE travel experience will provide you the travel companions you are looking for. The trips will be for a small group of 6 to 8 and I will planning every detail of the trip to ensure you have the best travel experience.

To keep up with my travels - you can follow along on Instagram here.

All writing and photography are by me (unless otherwise stated). Grab a cup of tea and make yourself at home. Can't wait to meet you.  

Please direct all inquiries to portlandgraceblog@gmail.com