Las Vegas Photo Diary

Long work hours and the length of my to-do list have me thinking about vacations a lot lately and since I don't have one scheduled for several months - I am vacariously taking a vacation via photos from past vacations.

Last May, my girlfriends and I did a four city - five night West Coast trip that started in Los Angeles with stops in Vegas and SanDiego. On the second day of the trip - we took off on a road trip to Vegas.  

The drive through the mojave desert had some spectacular views - if you can stand the traffic getting out of L.A the scenery is worth the drive.We only had about twelve hours in the city so we did not see any shows; we are not gambling people, so after ten minutes walking through the casino floor, we were done with that. We did walk the strip - which was interesting in many respects (good, bad, ugly), stayed at an amazing hotel (The Encore).

Although we did not get to most of the typical vacation in Vegas things - it was a fun half day in Vegas and nothing beats spending time with amazing friends that are amazing. I will take that all day, every day.  Here are a few snap shots from that trip - hoping this tides me over till I can get to a proper vacation.