Since the early days of this blog (three years on Feb 13th) till now, there is one question that is constant - why ? People want to know why I blog - some ask - Is it because of the money ? ; do you get perks from blogging ? What are you getting out of it. As we kick off the new year. I have been reflecting on those questions ? Why do I spend hours editing travel pictures; documenting travel highlights or sharing recipes. Without understanding "why" - it is easy to get distracted and discouraged. To clear the air - I have never been paid for anything on this space and those travel perks have not made it to my inbox (lol). I love to travel; It is something I will do whether this blog existed or not.

This space is my travel diary (it just happens to be public). As much as the content is for those who might stumble on this page, it is also for me . When I have had a particularly stressful or busy stretch - I read some of the travel stories and it keeps me going. For anyone who has ever been involved in blogging, you have invariably had to answer the same "why" questions either to yourself or to your family and friends. I thought we will kick of the new year on this space going over my 2017 goals for this space and  "why" 

Blog Goals for 2017. Nothing major, just a few things to help improve this space.

  • I will like to post consistently weekly, that means a minimum of 52 posts by the end of 2017.
  • Do some videos - including vlogs, instagram or facebook live with travel tips
  • One post a month focused on travel tips - everything from saving for travel to making the most of your vacation days
  • Lifestyle post. Besides travel , there are other things I am passionate about and hoping to incoporate them into the blog going forward - including the return of the beauty posts and recipes as well.

Now onto my blogging why 

A creative outlet. This is my creative space. With a day job spent staring at numbers and spreadsheets - there is no room for creativity. I started the blog as a way to explore what little creative juices I have (and share some of that with you) . Since launching the blog , I have stretched myself to look beyond the surface and I am discovering new things about myself daily.

Master a skill. I have loved photography from a young age and one of the things that blogging has done is stretch me to be a better photographer and improve my editing skills. I think that has been the greatest impact of this space. Just take a look at the photographs from the early days compared to now. Those early photos are cringe worthy.

Get out of my comfort zone. When you blog about whatever it is that floats your boat, you are stepping out of your comfort area, putting yourself out there and sharing with the few or hundreds that will read your posts. It forces you out of your comfort zone and that has translated to other areas besides blogging.  Before blogging,  I was stuck in my routines. I knew what I liked and what I could do and I did not try anything beyond that; I also did not do or pursue anything that may end up as "a egg on my face" moment. With the launch of the blog, I have stepped out of my comfort zone, shared my opinions and thoughts on things - some have been well received , others not so much and some that no one read, but there is a sense of accomplishment of "I created that" and a discovery that it is better to try and fail or not quite make it, than not try at all. 

Explore my passion. I have always had a passion to travel. That started at a young age, but the passion to inspire others to get out of their bubble to explore the world is one I discovered pouring my thoughts on the space. I will gladly spend hours helping strangers and friends curate personalized travel itineraries to get the most out of their trips.

Give others the courage to step of their comfort zone. Most of my travels are solo and there are a lot of fears that dissipates after you take your first solo trip. I found courage alone in a foreign place not speaking the language. The experience turned out to be the turning point for me to stop waiting waiting for a future moment, when I have acquired or attained something or met someone to live or be happy. My hope is that by sharing my stories, someone has the courage to go, to do, to explore. 

Bring the world to you. One of the reason I lauched the print collection is the realization that not everyone can travel even if they have the means and/or the will. I wanted to bring a piece to the world I have been honored to see right to them. The stories, tips, photo diaries on this space also help accomplish that goal. My hope is that through my stories, others get to see and experience the world from their homes.

So there you have it, a few reasons why I am hunched over my computer in the early hours of the morning.