Stress - That five letter word that affect every one of us and our reaction to it varies from person to person. The best way I found to combat stress is to have scheduled rest and relaxation, I struggle with rest and relaxation. I have a major problem when I am "not doing" and sitting still is not a concept I understand.

Every now and then, my body imposes its will and demands I take a break. Those are starting to happen more frequently (not good). I have been trying to make time for relaxation and do things that help me get the rest my body needs. There is an abundance of ways to combat stress - everything from breathing to working out. These are the five (simple) things that have helped in the last month. I try to incorporate one or several of these into my week. 

Completely Unplug and Shut Down. I am always tied to technology - emails for work and business, creating and promoting blog content, interactions on social media, it seems most of my day is spent online in one form or another. I am making it a point to unplug (completely) once or twice a week. I turn off my phone for a few hours in the evenings (no emails, no twitter or instagram). I completely unplug and just let myself and brain relax. When my stress level starts to peak, I schedule a tech turnoff where I turn off from technology (except for urgent phone calls) for a weekend.

Couch Potato R & R. Also known as doing nothing. It involves a cup of tea, take out menu, my couch and a season of whatever show is next on my Netflix queue (or a book) or my favorite playlist. You can switch out tea and takeout for popcorn and a glass of your favorite beverage (ala Olivia Pope)

Pamper session at the Spa. I find getting a mani/pedi or facial very soothing. If things are particularly tense, I splurge on a massage session. I prefer at home facials (added bonus of not changing out of my PJs). Facials are my thing and it is extremely soothing, a hot towel and a mask, and I am in my happy place.

Treat yourself. Run a bath. Candles, soothing salts, lush bath bombs and your favorite soothing/calming playlist. I run a bath, make a cup of tea and play my current playlist.  Bethel music album is my go-to bath time album at the moment. Sometimes I switch out soothing music for audio book. 

Find your Thing aka Your Hobby - Everyone has their thing, meditation, gardening, running, kickboxing. My thing is baking. When my stress level is particularly high, I pull out my favorite cookbooks (or pull up my pintrest board) and bake something. The process always seems to calm me down and helps me unwind. Find your thing and incorporate it to you relax time.

What are some ways you relax ? I would love to hear it.