Three Weeks in Europe - The Instagram Edition Part 1

I returned to Dallas on Tuesday from three weeks in Europe. I spent the better part of the last two years planning the details of this trip and I am sad that it is already over but incredibly glad and thankful that I was able to take the trip. I snapped away every chance I got  and between my phone and DSLR - I have over 2000 pictures and a lot of incredible stories and experiences to go with those pictures. The pictures and stories will be arriving here shortly.

Three weeks was split between six countries but I had to drop Greece off the list - it was a last minute addition and there were so many options of things to do and cities to visit that a specific Greece trip will have to be planned in future. I started off in London then France (Nice, French Riviera and Paris - I had intended to spend a few days in Marsielle but just like Greece - I could not decide on specifics). Also spent some time in Monaco and Barcelona before meeting up with my friends in Italy for a little Italian getaway.

I posted several highlights of the trip on Instagram but I thought I would provide some context around those pictures in this post and also give those not following me on Instagram and opportunity to see some of the highlight before I get around to sharing those stories and pictures.


Arrived and met up with a friend in Fulham. It had been a long week prior to my departure, add to that jetlag and the need to stay up till night time in London before crashing meant that a shot of caffeine was needed to get things started so I picked up a chai latte from the Starbucks at Fulham station before walking over to Labi's to meet a friend.

"Every adventure starts with a latte" - #SimiTravels #SIinLondon #starbucks

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Attended chuch service at Hillsong London - incredible worship , amazing word. After the chuch service, I took a stroll to westminister and got to observe the events for rememberance sunday (aka veterans day in the UK). One of the highlights of my trip.  I felt like having the opportunity to observe the events around this day made this more than a getaway/vacation. After that, I walked across Westminister bridge to capture Big Ben .


I took a trip to Bath, UK - which may be one of my favorite places in the world. If you are in London several days - make sure to spare a day or two to hang out in Bath. You will thank me. 


I was up at 3 a.m. to catch a 6:20 flight from London Gatwick to Nice, France. I am in love with Nice. I arrived on a Armstice day in France which was a public holiday and similar to Day 2 - I was able to observe some events around that day.

Arrived in Nice before 10 a.m. Checked into my hotel and promptly headed out to Monaco. Grabbed a table at Cafe Paris and car watched for hours (bucket list item for every car lover).


Paris - Sur Mon Espirit. I was supposed to fly to Paris saturday morning. Those plans were scrapped and flight/hotels rebooked after the Paris events. Very solemn vacation day. I spent a few more days in Nice.


Marche des Fluers. The flower market in Nice is incredible in so many ways - fresh blooms, incredible food and amazing vendors.

DAY 11

Barcelona - Take me back , Please. I spent the better part of my day first day at La Boqueria Market. Fresh jucies, the best empanadas and all around foodie paradise (there are a lot of those in Europe).

Fruit juices haven in la Boqueria Market - #SimiTravels #SIinBarcelona #ABMtravelbug #travelgram #travelblogger

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DAY 12

Took a tour of Barcelona - First stop. La Sagrada Familia. Bucket list item. This was Gaudi's masterpiece and as he predicted - it is being completed by the future generation. You have to see this for yourself, pictures don't do it justice.

After La Sagrada - stopped by some monument in Barcelona before ending up at Catalunya National museum of Art. Plan to spend at least half a day here. Incredible collection and history of Catalunya.

Love the architecture in this city. #ABMtravelbug #travelblogger #SimiTravels #SIinBarcelona #travelnoire

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DAY 13.

Finally back in Paris. I have missed this this City so much .... I dropped off my luggage and promptly headed out to my favorite places before ending up on the Champ d' Elysses avenue for the Paris city market and spectacular christmas decoration lining the streets.

It's beginning to look like Christmas...#siinparis

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DAY 14.

Even though the forecast called for cloudy and rainy day - that did not stop me from heading to the top of the Arc De Tromp to get my favorite view of the city. Don't leave Paris without seeing this view.