Three Weeks in Europe - The Instagram Edition Part II

If you missed part 1 - you can find it here. This is the concluding part of my three week European vacation - the Instagram edition. We are picking things up from Day 16. Here goes ...

DAY 16

We had been in Italy for a few days and decided to take a day trip to explore other parts of Italy. First stop, Pisa to see the leaning tower before heading to Florence for incredible food, shopping, sites and one of the richest hot chocolate (with a mound of whip cream) from Venchi.

Day 2 - Italian Vacation. #siinitaly #SimiTravels #travelingram #travelblogger #pisa

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DAY 17.  

Back in Rome and strolling through the city when we stumbled on a beautiful basilica. The interior is amazing but the ceiling ... jaw drop. I mean - see how incredible that is - it reminds me of the sistine chapel which we saw a few days before (but photography was not allowed in it so I will let your imagination run with it).

Later that day, we were in search of a garden when we stumbled on the Natonal gallery of Art (Antica) and I could not resist capturing this shot (looks at that architecture).

Earlier that day - we stopped by Trevi Fountain. Another one of those Italiian monument that pictures don't do justice. Add it to you list, see it, thank me.

Before calling it a day on the sightseeing. We stopped by Gelateria del Teatro for some gelato.

DAY 18.

Another trip outside of Rome. This time to Tivoli to see Villa d'etse. We arrived with only about an hour and half to explore before it closed. That was not enough time to explore the 'out of this world, incredible" gardens. 

Later that night, since it was our last night in Italy - we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. Our dinner at Edy's was beyond good. I had the lamb and it is one of the best I have ever had.

DAY 19.

Last morning in Rome for this trip. Morning coffee at Brassai. Let's just say the Italians know their coffee and they converted this tea lover (at least for 5 days). After coffee, I took a stroll and stumbled on this beautiful bridge. As lovely as this bridge is -there are several other spectacular ones to see.

Incredible coffee at #Brassai. Italy has the best coffee. #ABMtravelbug #foodie #SimiTravels #siinitaly #roma

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DAY 20. 

Back in London and craving a traditional english breakfast. After a quick stroll through Borough Market, I headed to the Breakfast club (London Bridge) for Breakfast - I cleared my plate. After that, I walked back through Borough Market, on to the Southbank and eventually ending up at the Tate Modern which is one of my favorite museums in the world. Eventually made my way to the balcony on the sixth floor to capture the view of St. Paul's cathedral across the river and also the Christmas market at the Tate Modern.

DAY 22.

Woke up with a pulled hamstring due to all the walking around I had done the last three weeks, but I had to head to Oxford Street for some last minute shopping. On a good day, the streets are packed but with Christmas around the corner, it was just a sea of people everywhere you looked (and the Christmas decorations were up) - What more could a girl ask for. Before getting to my shopping spot, I made a quick detour to the Shoe department at Selfridges, where I saw a very gourgeous Jimmy (Love !!!). 

DAY 23

48 hours until I head back home - feeling very sluggish. Went to Church service at Hillsong followed by a late lunch at a very unique , fabulous restaurant called Sketch. I love the ambience of this place and the bathroom is a real winner - just check out the instagram hashtag #sketchrestaurant.