The forecast called for rain all day. I secretly hoped they were wrong (spoiler alert: they were not !).  It started raining at 8 a.m. and did not let up all day. This was one of those less than perfect travel days; the landscape was in that weird space between fall and winter and the rain made it near impossible to get a good shot, but I have saved up for seven months; cashed in my vacation for the year and it was my last day in France - Rain be damned. I had an early breakfast at Le Petit Cler, ran errands on Avenue Champ de Elysses before checking out of my hotel at noon. My flight to Rome was not until 8:15 that evening which left me several hours to explore the city. This arrangement would have been perfect if it was not raining. I had a few "rain day" options, a rainy stroll around Montmartre; a visit to Luxembourg gardens or head over to Versailles. I am sure you know what choice I made.

2015-11-20 08.46.51.jpg

Deciding to go to Versailles was mainly inspired by my recent discovery of a second palace on the grounds of Versailles - Petite Trianon.  was on the ground. Petite Trianon was Marie Antoinette's palace aside from her space within the main palace. I could not pass up the opportunity. On this very rainy fall day - I got on the RER C train heading towards Versailles.  I arrived shortly after 1 p.m and frantically made my way from the train station to the ticket office of Versailles; only to be informed that tickets to Marie's palace could only be purchased at Petite Trianon which was a twenty-minute walk from the entrance of Versailles. There was an option of taking the shuttle from the main palace to Petite Trianon for 7 euros. On a normal day, I would consider the shuttle a rip off, but I was completely drenched at this point and running short on time, I paid for the shuttle. Petite Trianon was the second stop on the shuttle. We were dropped off just outside the entrance. I purchased my ticket from the information booth and made my way into the palace. It was magnificent (and my pictures do not do it any justice). With the tickets, I also got a chance to walk the grounds around the palace which was equally enchanting. Here are some pictures from the visit and if you get a chance to visit Versailles, spending time at Petite Trianon is worth you time (and money).