I believe a full travel experience has to include experiencing a city the way locals do. When I arrived in Nice, I asked the locals what I could not miss while I was there - there were several suggestions and all of them conflicting - the one place that seemed to be a concensus must visit was Cours Saleya, so my second day in Nice, armed with screen shots of directions from my hotel (data charges are a pain), i headed out. I walked through the Pedestrian area of Rue Massena, past the Place Massena, on to Vieux Nice to arrive at Cours Saleya. 

The market was vibrant and bustling with locals picking up fresh flowers and produce. The patios of the restaurants on either side of the market were filled with local reading books and newspapers while enjoying their morning cuppa and of course tourists who (like me) had the look of wonder on their faces while freezing framing time with their cameras.

Cours Saleya is  famous for the Marche aux Fleurs (flower market); however, you can also find food stands and  fruits and vegetable stands . Alongside the food and fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also find olives, honey, soap and spices (don't miss the spice stall). The flower stands is open until about 5:30, but all others close at 1:30. Market is open Tuesday to Sunday. In the summer months, you can find the evening market which opens at 6 p.m. from June to September. 

A visit to Nice is not complete if you have not spent time here, if you are staying in Nice more than a few days, grab a bouquet of flowers for your hotel or airbnb;  pick up an order of Socca from Chez Theresa. If none of that is up your alley, pick your spot at one of the restaurants, order a beverage and people watch or pick up spice (or fresh fruit) from one of the stalls. 


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Lou Messugo