A must visit if you are in London; with over a hundrerd stalls selling a variety of things (mainly food). Borough market should be a bucketlist item for every foodie. I try to limit myself to one visit per London trip but that never seems to pan out. There is so much on offer - it is possible to have every meal here and some stall even have prepakaged meals that you can take home. With everything on offer, it can get overwhelming on a first visit (or if you only have a few hours to spare), I put together a list of my favorite stalls in the market. If you have explored the market and have a favorite spot - please share. I am always looking for recommendation. If you are planning a trip, make sure to check the market website for the most up to date schedule of individual stall openings, their locations and directions to the market.

La Tue Pasta. I recommend the tortelloni filled with Italian sausage and porcini mushroom. I stood outside the stall and inhaled my tortelloni (seriously!  no joke). You can also pick prepakaged pasta to take home. 

Le Marche du Quatier. If the duck confit is available. Get it. No questions asked and you can thank me later.  

Gourmet Goat. There is a huge mediterranean influence on the menu.  This is where I get my vegeterian fill with the most delicous, hearty salads. 

Bread Ahead Bakery. The Bread is outstanding (but so are the other baked goods) offered here. Offerings include Eccles cakes, Saffron buns, doughnuts.  I am partial to the breads (and the cakes). 

Artisan Food. Sweet and savory baked good. I always go for the savory variety and I have never been disappointed. The quiches are a winner , but if you want something sweet, can I recommend the chocolate brownies if its available.   

Tea 2 You. The Marsala Chai was my favorite. Brewed to order with fresh ginger added. They have limited seating, but if you are lucky to snag a seat - this is a perfect vantage point to people watch. 

Monmouth Coffee. The long wait lines on most days speaks volumes. Great coffee menu and several tourist and locals recommend it as the best coffee in London.

Gelateria 3Bis. The gelato is so rich with a silky textures that just melts in your mouth. Depending on what time of day you visit, you can watch them churn fresh batches of gelato.

Share your favorite spots at Borough Market in the comments. Cheers.