About Me and This Blog

I am simi (pronounced c-mee) - I call Texas home these days, but I am originally from the western part of Africa. I LOVE to travel and discover new things; I am a foodie and that has led to another blog where I talk about my love of food and share my recipes (you can find that here). By day, I am an accountant with a dream of traveling the world.  If I did not crunch numbers, I would be an event planner.

I am a tea lover who is also a little bit obsessed with shoes, makeup , chai tea latte, green juice. I share some of my beauty and makeup finds here. I love a good airplane window shot, so even though I prefer my aisle seat on a plane very few things beat a good airplane window shot.

I love sports and I have been an Arsenal FC fan since I was 10; I love the Texas Rangers (baseball) and have recently become a Seahawks fan (still trying to figure out how that happened).

One of my goals this year is to connect with other bloggers, so I was excited to join in on the blog everyday in May challenge by Belinda of Found Love Now What.

Now about this blog -

I started this blog as an escape - my escape from the countless tries to pass a certification exam (which thank God I am done with now); It was to be a site with all my favorite things which mostly was (is) beauty, food, fashion, culture, travel (and the list goes on). However, sharing about all my favorite things meant the blog content was everywhere but nowhere (if that makes sense) - so over the last few months, this space has gotten a face lift - things got a lot cleaner (hooray), but I also made some changes about the content. So what is changing

A lot less recipe talk --- Most of my food ramblings and recipes are now over at table with a view blog. You can check it out here.

A lot of travel talk --- My favorite thing to do (beside cooking) is traveling - I will be sharing my travel adventures along with travel tips (and pictures of course, lots of pictures).

Beauty Chat --- In the early days of this blog, I shared my journey into beauty and I will continue to share great product finds and beauty tips that make the process effortless.

Sprinkles of Fashion --- I am going through a major declutter and rebuilding of my closet and you get to come along on the Journey.

Inspiration and Faith --- My faith is an important part of my life and I have drawn a lot of life wisdom and inspiration from my faith. I share some of those here.

So in summary - less food ; more travel ; more beauty with sprinkles of fashion and a lot of inspiration.

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