Dining at Chicago pizza and oven grinder co - Chicago, IL

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. - Home of the Pizza Pot Pie. 

On my first visit to Chicago - we were in search for a restaurant that is authentically Chicago - the concierge recommended Chicago pizza and oven grinder co as a must visit and he was right.

Since that first trip, I have made it a point to return to the restaurant anytime I am in the city.

It is known for its pizza pot pie which is incredibily delicious I end up scuffing it down before thoughts of sharing pictures with y'all even creeps into my mind. Luckily, while getting spring cleaning and decluttering underway - I found some pictures from my last trip so I thought I would share with you. First thing to note - this is a cash only restaurant - so have your cash on hand before heading there. I go here for two menu items - the pizza pot pie and the mediterranean bread as a starter.

So what is a pizza pot pie ? Think chicken pot pie, but infinitely better and upside down. It is made with the best dough, which is sort of bread like and stuffed with the very best tomato sauce, all kinds of cheese, mushroom and golf ball sized sausage. There is also a vegeterian version available on special order.

These come in half-pounder portions which I try to share, in an attempt to limit any guilt of consuming all that cheese and bread dough. The restaurant has a great history and the staff is incredibly nice and will talk to you about the history of the restaurant and pot pie. It is  uniquely located so you can walk off the cheese and dough while taking in some unique Chicago spots.

Maybe cheese, tomato sauce, bread doughy goodness is not your thing, they have other things on the menu that I am sure are great - but I have never ventured away from my regular - mediterranean bread and half pounder pizza pot pie to share.

Quote of the week

"I get way too much happiness from good food"