The colors of fall, who doesn't love them ?

I am obsessed with the season and the colors; something about the yellow, orange, green hues send me into zen. Maybe because I don't get to see much of it at home, I sometimes go overboard with camera clicks. While traveling, I have seen some swoon-worthy fall colors in the Northeast and some parts of Europe. One of my favorites to date is from Fall 2012 (before the days of this blog). While on an extended layover in London, what I really wanted to do, was stay under the covers in my hotel, drink copious amounts of tea and alternate between naps and binging on my favorite shows.

But ! I have a fear of missing out aka FOMO (I don't think the term had been coined them). I never want to look back on a trip and think I missed something.  After a lazy morning, I talked myself into an afternoon stroll through Kensington gardens. I figured that was a good balance  between staying in bed all day and combating FOMO. I am so glad I did because I got to  experience one of the most beautiful fall scenes I have ever seen. Yeah, I would have definitely regretted missing this one.