Looking back on 30 - Things I've learned since turning 30

Thirty - that wonderful age. A lot of my friends who are still not there cringe at the thought of hitting that milestone. I on the other hand embraced it wholeheartedly. Today I turn 31 and I don't have words for how grateful I am to see this day. In celebration of this day, I thought I will share some things I have learned since turning thirty (some I started down before turning 30, but really came into in the last year).

Faith - "The presence of faith does not mean the absence of suffering."

In my early twenties, my faith was just another benchmark - it was there, but its was not pivotal. The older I have gotten, the more my faith comes to the fore front. I am glad that it takes a prominent place in my life and I strive to have it influence my decisions not just when it is convinient , but as the basis for everyday. I used to think that because I was a person of faith, it meant I would be exempt from life, the truth is life happens.

The bible says the rain falls on the just and unjust, I have lived through and come to believe that the presence of faith does not mean the absence of suffering. The presence of faith gives us the courage to go through whatever life throws our way and not lose our mind. My faith is what has held me together through the wilderness days. It gives us the strength to rise again, live again, try again.

Relationships - "Don't sweat the little things." 

I used to get hung up with every little thing, but I realized it was just my stress level that was affected. Over the last year, I have worked hard at picking my battles and I realize I don't need to respond to everything. I confront the important life changing things and I let go of the inconsequentials. Where we have dinner vs. If we invest our savings in an uncertain business venture are not on the same sphere. I work through the significant things and not sweat the little ones.

In the vien of relationships, I find that 30 almost has given me the license to not care about everyone's opinion , you cannot please everyone - there are people whose opinion I value, these are folks who know me and if they call me out on something - I pay attention. For others, I hear you, I respect you, but I no longer lose sleep over your opinion.

Service - "Everybody can be great because everyone can serve"

In the last year, I have had several opportunities to serve others and it is one of the greatest joys of my life. Most of us assume we are doing a favor for others when we serve them, but when you get the opportunity to serve, to give to others and extend a hand to someone else - whether they are your friends or perfect strangers - you are the better for it. I cannot describe the feeling that comes from serving others - its one that must be experienced. Martin Luther King said everyone can be great because everyone can serve - our greatness does not stem from what we accomplished in our business and careers - it comes from the impact that we make in the lives of those we encounter - the greatest way to be impactful is to serve people. Give them your time, your money, a kind word.

Perserverance - "You will win , if you don't quit"

One of my favorite quotes is this "you will win if you don't quit" and that was never more evident than the last year. Perserverance and the willingness not to give up and not to quit got me over the finish line on several things and now that I have gotten the accomplishment - I am grateful that I did not quit, I did not give up. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again - then try some more. Don't quit, Don't give up - it might take days, it might take years - but remember that only those who stay in the race get across the finish line.

Beauty - "Focus on good skincare and you will never need makeup"

I am obsessed with all things beauty and although I was a late bloomer in that department. I have caught up very quickly. As much as I love my collection of lipsticks and my 16 hour no budge foundation - for me the best look is still au natural (not the barely there makeup - but simple au natural). I have found that it is more important to take care of my skin so that wearing makeup becomes a want to and not a need to. That mean taking off my makeup before falling asleep, cleansing, moisturizing and a great mask once or twice a week. My beauty budget is geared towards skincare and products that help keep clear, even skin. Spend your time and resources on getting a good skin and makeup becomes a want to and not a necessity.