Life in : July

While away on vacation, I decided to start up a new monthly series. One that is a  lot more personal than the usual travel, beauty and food post that grace these pages. I want a post/space to share updates on my (obviously very fascinating) life…

July was my mini-vacation month and it could not have come at a better time, I was seriously burnt out and was barely hanging on. I got to spend some time in New York and it was fab. I have several New York posts coming up, but until then my instagram feed has some pictures (check out #simiinnyc or #SIdoesNY)

IMG_7189 (1).jpg

I got back into exercising this month, nothing major, just getting in 3 to 4 miles walking every other day. It was spared by my time in New York. Fitness wise, I have been trying to cut out diet sodas and it has been a struggle. One of my goals for my trip to New York was to wean myself off of soda. I am happy to report, that is going great.  I had soda just twice during my 12 days away - a massive improvement from my two a day habit.

I picked up this white dress from Buffalo Exchange in NYC, for a friend’s Nigerian traditional wedding (the bride requested her friends wear white). No one is trying to outshine the bride. 

I finished reading my first book of the year on vacation (yay). I had a goal to read 8 books this year and I am only through book number 1 (help me lord). My thoughts on the book coming soon. This leads me to another potential series - a bookclub (I know, shut the front door). I have been trying to get back into leisure reading for quite some time and I think a bookclub is an excellent way to be accountable. Any ideas on how to pull it off will be appreciated. I just got through Mindy Kaling’s Is everyone hanging out without me. For August, I will be reading #GirlBoss (book suggestions are welcome).

Kitchen time was very limited this month, but the few times I was able to create and test a recipe, it turned out amazing. I perfected my puff-puff (Nigerian fried dough) recipe - That was huge for me. You can check out my other recipes here. Earlier this month, I had lunch with some co-workers at whiskey cake. I tried the TX Shrimp bowl - Ah.mazing (but then again, I expected nothing less from Whiskey Cake)

Ahead of my NYC getaway, I loaded up on some apps. Several of which are fab, but camera + app is by far my favorite app in a long time. It does amazing things with pictures and it just makes your pictures generally fab and better.

Finally, I have been getting back into TV. For months, my TV screen was covered in a layer of dust, that was until Suits and Graceland returned for a new season and I have really been getting into the shows - especially Graceland which I was so-so about in its first season.. Now I cannot get enough of the show.  On Netflix, I have been watching Death in paradise a show about a British detective working on a Caribbean Island - it is well written and acted. Plus it is comedy and drama  - I really enjoy the show.

How did your July turn out ?