New York City Travel Diary - Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of my NY Adventures - Catch up here

This is where I have to stress the importance of doing your research before heading out. I was too excited to get to the Highline that I completely dropped the ball on my planning - I ended up walking over 5 miles (which is a whole lot for this Texan). Before I get to how that happened, I should start from the beginning.

Day 5 was dedicated to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. I caught the ferry from battery park (not the free Staten Island ferry), but the statue of liberty ferry. You can pick up tickets ay Battery Park for the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island tour. This Ferry ride unlike the Staten Island Ferry gets you up close and personal to Lady Liberty and you can hop off and explore the grounds for as long as you want. For a free extra bucks, you can also walk up to the crown of lady liberty (I opted out of this one). The ferry shuttles between the lady and Ellis Island every thirty minutes. I spent some time walking the grounds before heading over to Ellis Island - great history of immigration back in the day. I also got to walk the grounds which offer an incredible view of Manhanttan (a must see). The shuttle between Ellis Island back to Manhattan runs every 20 minutes.

I headed back to the City about noon and promptly headed back to Flatiron district (yes! for more photos of ,my favorite building). I had lunch at Marta (amazing) followed by chia latte at Birch (these NY cafes know how to make a fabulous chia). Now I was all set to head to the highline.

As I mentioned, I dropped the ball on planning so I began the trek from Birch on 27th and 6th heading to the highline - it was a much longer walk that anticipated. Not being one to give up, I was determined to get to the Highline (it was hot, humid and my feet were not onboard with my determination). It paid off when I stumbled on Chelsea Market - I wanted to visit, but did not think I could fit it into my itinerary, but there is was so I stopped in to explore. I stopped into the artist and flea market; grabbed a cloud cookie from Sarah Beth. A quick stop at Antropologie to grab a gift for a friend and then finally to the highline. I made it through about half of the two mile stretch before waving the white flag and hailing a cab.

A well deserved shower, a cold beverage with my feet up and I was refreshed for an evening out. The evening was spent with friends at SAKS where I found a Jimmy I was tempted to take home. Dinner at a latin restaurant and a red velvet cupcake from Magnolia's.

Day 6 started late afternoon with a trip to Brooklyn. I planned to dine at the buttermilk chanel, but it was closed for the afternoon. Instead, I had the black bottom oat pie from four and twenty blackbirds.

A train ride back to the city and a trip to Central park - it was a lovely day to walk the park - I did not get to all of it, but the parts I got to was spectacular.

Across the street from where I was in the Park was the Plaza hotel (the site of Home Alone - one of my favorite childhood movies). We visited the food court in the lower level of the hotel - We had plans to dine at Luke's lobster but we changed our minds at the last moment and headed off to Dylan's candy bar instead and it was a swell decision. We ordered the cheesecake sundae - Headed home after that and promptly crashed from the sugar high.

Day 7. Coney Island day and another trip to DUMBO for the most spectacular view of the Manhantthan bridge. Coney Island was not on the itinerary. Friday was to be spent in PJs and enjoying couch potato status. As I laid there taking short bursts of naps, it suddenly hit me - how often will I get the chance to be in NY for this length of time - gotta make the most of it. So I hurried packed my bags and headed to Coney Island (I did a crappy job of packing and dressing for the beach - but no matter - it was still fun). I sat on the beach for the little bit, caught up on reading and people watching. Then I grabbed a hot dog at Nathans (because, Nathans !). The rest of the time was spent walking the broadwalk . 

On the way back to the city, I stopped by DUMBO (again), my first visit - I missed the Manhattan bridge. I am glad I made a return trip because --- seriously look at this view...

Day 8. A little wander around the city, we stumbled on the doughnut plant - where I had the carrot cake doughnut - it was so good. Then we took the train up to Williamsburg to check out Smorgasburg (another must do if you are in NY) - so much great food, so little time. We headed to SOHO afterwards for some window shopping and visits to and other stories, NARS and the hat store. We rounded off the day with dinner at a quaint Sushi place on 59th.

Day 9. Started off sunday with service at Hillsong (Time Square); another window shopping sesh at Barney's NYC. A quick trip to Chelsea market and a chill afternoon at the casa. Early early walk to Momofuku Milk Bar for the Cereal Milk soft serve and a stop over at Time square (which though spectacular in day time, is even more so at night).

Day 10. A quick stop by the MET. I am very weird about museums - I have to be in the mood to visit one and this was probably not the best day to do so - I was dealing with major vacation winding down/NY withdrawal syndromes, which was promptly cured when we took a trip up to Harlem for a perfect foodie day with the most amazing cookie from Levain and a lunch/dinner at Sylvia - the chicken and waffle is a foodie's dream come true. It was a really hot day in NY so I did not feel up to much after the meal. Levain and Sylvia will always be on the itinerary for all NY trips - seriously that good. Also, stopped by the Apollo theatre.

Day 11. Started off early with a ticket to the top of the rock (bad idea for a hot day, because things were foggy - would have been much better in the evening). A stroll of fith avenue and stop ins at Top man, SAKS and the mothership (Sephora). A visit to MoMa which I absolutely enjoyed and then another trip to SoHo for lunch at Jack's wife Freda (amazing) and a leisure afternoon at the McNally Jackson bookstore. Rounded up the day with a visit to ten over ten for a well deserved manicure.

Next morning , I caught a 6:29 a.m flight from LaGuardia to Denver to return back to reality....