Skyscanner. This is my favorite app for travel planning.  It cuts out web surfing by providing all the flight, hotel, and car rental deals to one spot. I love the calendar feature and everywhere features. The calendar option is perfect for a flexible travel schedule. I enter my departure and arrival cities; select the whole month option instead of a specific date and Skyscanner will give the cheapest dates to travel in the selected month. The everywhere feature is even better. If I want to plan a trip from Dallas and I am open with regards to the destination, I just enter "everywhere" as my destination and Skyscanner will give a list of potential destinations (domestic and international) from cheapest to most expensive.  This feature is great for spontaneous and flexible travelers.

Splitwise. After spending hours reconciling expense and struggling to remember who picked up the dinner tab or cab tab on a recent trip, this was the first app I downloaded when I returned home. This is the perfect app for group travel. It helps keep track of who is paying for what and how much needs to be refunded.  

Venmo. This is my favorite payment app. I can access it anywhere in the world and settle my portion of group expenses immediately. 

Hotel Tonight. With this app, I can get reservations at some of the best hotels for a fraction of the cost. Last fall, I booked a hotel in Paris one block from the Avenue de Champ Elysees and the Arc De Triomphe for less than $100 per night. The only downside of this app is booking is only available seven days from arrival date.

Pack Point. With this app,  I simply type in my destination and arrival cities; departure dates, weather, and activities planned and pack point will provide a packing list for the trip.  

Your turn, what apps do you use for travel planning?