About 21 miles north-east of Seville we found the city of Carmona. This was not on the agenda for Spain. It never even crept up in our planning, but after a Sunday spent switching hotels and failing to come to a concensus on Ronda, we were introduced to Carmona by a customer service rep at the train station. For under 3 euros (one way) per person and enduring a 45 minute bus ride (I know, the horror), we arrived in Carmona on Monday morning just as locals were starting off their day. 

The streets were quiet as we made our way to the tourist center located in the Alcazar Puerta de Seville. We got a few recommendations of must-see before heading off to the Market square in hopes of finding food. The market square had several stalls selling food, but it looked too much like street food - I vetoed it. I did not have my trustee pepto bismal with me in Spain - I could not risk eating just anywhere. In hindsight, I wish we did because the food looked quite delicious. Instead we settled for a restaurant in the town center and we were utterly dissapointed. We barely touched our meal. We were off to an unpleasant start.  Thankfully, we found a grocery store and picked up TUCs and water to keep us fueled for the day.

We headed towards the old city gates, walking down narrow cobbled stones roads past the beautifully tiled doorways. I was that person peering into every doorway and snapping away quickly before the resisdents took notice. Carmona (actually, South of Spain) has the prettiest tiled entryway ever seen. We continued through the town, past museum, churches and charming historic buildings to arrive at the old city gate overlooking , which looks out on the most beautiful landscape. Mid-afternoon we found our way to the Covent – one of the highlights of our trip.  Apparently, the Covent is home to twelve ladies, eight of whom are fellow Africans (the odds, right ?). We chatted with her for a little bit and explored the covent grounds.  We ended our trip on the rooftop of the Alcazar Puerta de Seville with a gorgeous view of the white villages as we watched the sun begin to set.

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