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If you immediately started humming 'changes" by Tupac or David Bowie (comment below) because we should be friends. Another time, another place I could rap the entire Changes by Tupac (I bet that is something you never thought of me). Anyways, that was a lifetime ago. Let's chat about the changes that are happening here at Portland | Grace.

Launch of the Portland | Grace shop. This has been a dream for so long and there were moments when I did not think it will happen, but it did - Thank God. On May 10th, I launched my shop and collection of travel photography. The prints are carefully selected to bring a piece of the world's beauty into your homes and inspire the wanderlust in you. You can check out the collection and shop a print or two here. [Offering 15% discount on all orders using the code Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes]

Posting Schedule. Things have been quiet here because things have been busy everywhere else. Plus, I did not want to post anything subpar. Blog post will return this week, but with a slight change to the posting schedule. Instead of the Tuesday and Thursday posts, I will be posting once a week. Every Wednesday at 7 a.m (EST). I hope the change in schedule with mean consistency and more time for me to intereact with you. Every other day of the week, you can find me on istagram here and here