My favorite thing about our highway one road trip last fall - The unplanned detours. Some were more eventful than others, but we left with memories that will stay with us for a long time. Like our quick stop in Half Moon bay on day three of the road trip. We spent the morning on Asilomar beach and made a quick pit stop in Santa Cruz before heading to San Fransico. About an hour from San Fransico, we saw the exit sign for half moon bay and could not resist making a quick stop. This is not one of those stops with laid out itinerary - we saw the exit signs and made a split second decision to stop. The first few beaches we wanted to visit required a entry fee which was not in the budget and just as we were about to write off this top on our 7 day road trip - we stumbled on a beach with free access. Like many photo diaries that graced this space - there is noting much to report. We visited, snapped shots and continued on our journey.