Mudsmith ! 

I love this place. Before I visited, I read up reviews on google and one, in particular, caught my attention. I credit it for the reason I set foot in Mudsmith. The review read "If Wes Anderson owned a coffee shop, it would look like this." That was all the prompting I needed to visit this coffee/bar hybrid (those seem to be popping up everywhere). It did not disappoint with its quirky interior decor and walls lined with world maps and stuffed antlers

If you want a place to get work done or meet up with friends; have a fab meal and excellent beverage, then might I recommend Mudsmith as it delivers on all those points. The atmosphere is quirky, comfortable and inviting. I find myself spending hours here hunched over my laptop, flanked by a cortado and the avocado smash and egg toast. I am a huge fan of their specialty coffee menu especially the Iced mint mocha and mudslinger. If you want something stronger than coffee they have got you covered.


Location: 2114 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Hours: 6am to 11pm

This is NOT a sponsored post.; just a foodie's opinion.