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This is the final post of the highway one roadtrip series. Nineteen hours of driving over seven days; we drove over one thousand miles and made ten stops along the way. It is a travel experience I think everyone should have on their bucketlist. We started and ended our roadtrip in Los Angeles and although we did not properly explore Los Angeles, any time spent in Los Angeles is meaningful and worth sharing. We landed in LAX ; picked up our rental and decided to head to Melrose Place to check out the farmer’s market and visit Alfred’s tea room.

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We walked around Melrose place; had tea and decided on in and out burger for lunch because we were on holiday and carbs don’t count. After that we were ready to kick off our roadtrip adventures. We kicked off at El Matador then Santa Barbara , Big Sur and Carmel by the Sea. We also made stops at Monterrey ; Santa Cruz ; Half Moon Bay ; San Fransico ; San Diego.

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We made our second stop in LA on our drive from San Fransico to San Diego - we only had enough time for food and decided to brunch at Little Doms which is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles.

Our final stop in LA was on our last day just before flying back home. We left San Diego just after sun rise and arrived in LA with enough time to stop by Grand central market in downtown LA for a quick breakfast and visite Broad museum and Walt Disney building

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