Portland | Grace Products Coming Soon

Today, I am excited to finally be able to introduce the Portland | Grace Shop. The idea for the shop started a year ago but things did not start falling into place until about two months ago just before I went off to New York. Once we got momentum - everything has moved at lightening speed. In the last two months, we have photographed, proofed and styled the first fine art Collection to be featured in the shop - Back to New York Collection

It is only fitting that the first collection is inspired by one of my favorite cities because it was the travel to NYC that got the final pieces of the puzzle in place. This first collection is not just about the city, it is about inspiring you to live beautifully.

If you have spent any time around these parts, you will have picked up on my love of travel.  I find a lot of beauty and inspiration when I travel and I believe travel is one of the greatest investment you can make.  Anytime I hit a wall or become uninspired, I try to take a trip - some far and some near. No matter the destination, I always come back inspired and rejuvenated.  There is nothing I wish more than to hop on a flight to Paris or New York whenever I need a jolt, but travel is not always cost effective. That is where the Back to New York collection comes in - Everytime, I look at these prints, it takes me back to the city and I get inspired again.

I hope this collection brings a little bit of New York to you, inspires the wanderlust in you (even if a little bit) and bring the beauty of travel (and New York) into your homes.  The shop and the Back to New York collection will launch on September 14th and I cannot wait for you to see the full collection. Here is a sneak peak of the collection launching on September 14th. 

Portland Grace - Inspiration to live beautifully