Checking Into The Palmer House Hotel - Chicago

The Palmer house hotel is one of my favorites.

If I were ranking, it will make top 10 of my favorite hotels. The service is fantastic and the amenities are endless and noteworthy. However, it is the decor of this historic hotel that draws me. Walking through the lobby and the hallways feels like walking through a museum. When you walk in - the first thing you notice is the two-story gilder lobby that features a formal staircase. 

While in the lobby, make sure to look up so you don't miss the ceiling mural depicting greek mythology. It reminds me of a subdued version of the ceiling at the Palace at Versailles.

Go up the stairs to the landing floor and you cannot miss the gold peacock door of the Elevator that just speaks opulence - I think it should be listed as part of Chicago attraction - it is so beautiful.  The peacock theme is tastefully replicated around the hotel.

Once you get to the guest floors - the hallways are decorated with hanging photos of famous patrons of the Palmer house - Including Jerry Lewis and Nat King Cole.  Just walking the hallways of the guess floors - it was like strolling through a photograph museum. 

The hotel is located on Monroe street across from the Bank of America theatre ; You are in walking distance of Millenuim park and the bean, the Art Institute of Chicago and State street shopping. It is also a short 10 minute cab ride to check out the second city comedy group which is a must see if you are in Chicago. There are over 1600 rooms on 25 floors and the hallways of guest floors. Room rates range from $250 to $400 based on the season, room size.