Holiday Party Outfit Picks

We are in the thick of holiday parties, we at R.D.R.B love getting dolled up for holiday parties - what we don't love is the process of picking an outfit - we end up with a pile of clothes on the closet floor or the bed - so if you are like us, we want to take the stress out of picking outfits and have some options for you.

Something Black (and "A" line). We love an "A" line cut of this dress, it is flirty, festive and comfortable to move around in.  Perfect for the hostess. Because its black, the accessory options are endless. We especially love it with silver (or gold) accessories. 

Something Red. The color of the season and a color that is flattering for every skin tone. A red dress is a great option for the office christmas party. We will pair this with gold or leopard print shoes.

Something Metalic. A great new year's eve option. With metallic dresses, we think its best to keep it simple on the accessories - Black sandals are a great option.

Something "Off" White. We know (off) white is a hard one to pull of but if you can, it is a timeless, classy and chic option. It is perfect when you have to get to a holiday party after work. Paired with gold or leopard shoes and you will turn heads at every holiday party.  

There you have it, four dress options to choose from, hope this reduces the clothes pile on your closet floor in the coming weeks.