Winter Wardrobe Essentials

My love hate relationship with winter has been documented once (or twice) on the blog. There are a few wardrobe items that I pull out for this time of year, they are my winter wardrobe staples and every winter they come into rotation and make this season bearable.

  • Knitted Jumper Dress (Sweater Dress) in a neutral color so you can accesorize
  • Blazer for those off days that the temps pick up. I live in TX so those days do happen.
  • Winter Coat. I have a fitted jacket and a belted one.
  • Scarves. This is an every season essential for me. In the winter, it is a great accessory and it keeps me warm, win/win.
  • Leggings. The only way I can wear dresses and skirts this time of year.
  • Booties. Some days you dont want to bother with the knee highs, this is perfect (for winter and all seasons , really.
  • Onesie. Don't judge. temperature drop and the onesie comes out. Something about winter and onesies just make perfect sense to me
  • The knee high boot. Everything in the winter with dresses/skirts and over jeans.
  • Loose fitting jumper (sweater). This is a new addition this winter. I usually go for the form fitting sweater, however, I tried this on recently and I was sold. It is warm and cozy.
  • Hooded Cardigan. Another new addition this winter, I cannot even describe how amazing it is to have a hooded cardigan, it is everything. I cannot go back to my non-hooded cardigans.

What are your winter wardrobe essentials ?