A few of my favorite things [January]

Here are some items I was loving in January:

1.   Johnson's baby oil gel in shea and cocoa butter:  I keep a tube of this in the tub and use it to “lotion” my legs after I shower. This keeps my legs and feet moisturized all day and the ashy and cracked feet of winter past is yesterday’s news.

2.    Revelon Color Stay Whipped (24 hours) - Shade 340 Caramel : This foundation is wow. I picked this up from CVS when they had a 75% off sale in December. It cost about $2.5 with the discount, and I regret not picking up more. I don’t know if this stays on for 24 hours, but it lasts a really long time.  This stuff is so amazing I have no words. The only downsize – the darkest shade is Carmel (which is light for me), but with a little trial and error, I found a way to make it work and I am LOVING it. Watch out for a future post on how to make products work for you when you don’t have the option to return to the store.

3.    ELF Lip exfoliator - ELF is one of my favorite makeup brand, and they did not disappoint with this item. Over the holidays, my lips were peeling, chapped and cracked (not pretty), so when I go back from vacation, I ordered this product from ELF ($3), and it worked amazing. Now all I do is moisturize with my EOS lip balm or the Nivea's lip balm and no cracked/chapped lips, and that make me very happy. 

4.    White Balm Harvest Gathering (No. 4) Scented Candle : Picked this up from bath and body works over the holiday, and I have almost burnt it to the wick. The winter in Texas has been ridiculous at time, and I am counting down to spring (that groundhog needs to come out already). This scent reminds me of a warmer temperature and the scent is so soothing. Love it.

(Sadly it does not look like this is carried by Bath & Body works anymore, but you can find it on Amazon)

5.    Arsenal Football Club - I have been a fan of this football (Soccer) club for as long as I can remember. The late 90s and early 2000 were great times to be an Arsenal fan. The last decade - not so much - The ridicule from family, friends and strangers have been unbearable at times.  However, this season, they have amazed me and their performance is minimizing the scars of the last decade. Watching them this season has been one of my great sporting joys. Love my boys. (Although as I finalize this blogpost we have just dropped 5 to Liverpool – I still love them). #COYG

6.    Sony Bly Ray/DVD combo player : Over the thanksgiving holiday, my DVD crapped out on after 8 years. It was perfect timing because I was able to snag a SONY blu/ray DVD player on black Friday. I set it up in January, and I have been very pleased. This Blu ray/DVD player eliminates the need for a smart TV. I can access Netflix, youtube and hulu and several other media sites with one click.. Worth the $69 price tag.

What were some of your favorite items in January?