How to celebrate - Turning 30 edition.

In honor of my upcoming 30th Birthday (and all 1984 birthdays), I will be doing a series of blog post - "Turning 30 Series." related to that milestone. Kicking things off with a post today about ideas on how to celebrate the big day.

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I have not celebrated my birthday in a few years - hectic work schedule, choosing sleep over getting dressed; lack of inspiration to plan something were just some reason why I avoided it. I am turning thirty this year, and that is a milestone I want to celebrate.  Here are some alternatives I have been working on [if you have an upcoming birthday - I hope this gives you some ideas] :

Full Day Celebration 

Morning: Brunch at your favorite brunch place - followed by a spa session (manicure/pedicure, facials, massage). 

Afternoon: A Birthday Photo shoot - Personal shots and pictures with your favorite people.

Evening: End the day with a dinner party. I am partial to themed events - some of my favorite themes include: black and white affair ; 1920s flapper inspired party, 80's themed party (I am a 80s baby after all, so why not) , Stilettos & Cocktails and my personal favorite - A night in Paris.

Weekend Celebration

If you enjoy travel, why not pack a weekend bag and head on a weekend trip with your girlfriends or with your better half. I am partial to Vegas, Miami or San Fransico. If you have more than a weekend to spare - cruises are a great alternative.

Keep it simple 

Get tickets to see your favorite team play  (or catch a show at theatre) - follow with dinner and deserts.

Take a painting class or a cooking class with your favorite people [follow with dinner and deserts]

Give back

For something totally out of the box.  Set up a volunteer day at a local charity with friends and family.  Take it a step further and have donations made to a charity organization of your choice in lieu of gifts.

Do something for yourself

Check something off your bucket list: Some of the items on my bucket list - take a sushi rolling class;  learn to swim; run a marathon and take a highway one road trip.

If you have an upcoming birthday (or planning a birthday for a loved one), I hope this gave you some ideas on how to celebrate. If you recently celebrated a birthday, please leave a comment on how you celebrated.

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