When I first moved to Dallas over 7 years ago - I had one goal - get through grad school and bail to Chicago or New York the minute I graduated. Fast forward seven years and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I get to travel and see the world, but nothing beats living in the Dallas Metroplex. One questions I get about my part of the work is this "what is there to do in Dallas?" so I figured I will start answering that question her with a "Guide to Dallas" post. It should be no surprise that I am kicking thing off with a food guide. I have tried to limit this post to my top ten places to eat in Dallas (North Dallas).

1. Whiskey Cake: This is one of the few places where everything I have tried is amazing. Sunday brunch is a big deal at Whiskey cake, make sure you call ahead. Whenever I have guests in town I make sure to take them here and they all love it.

What to order: waffles (bacon laced belgium waffle) and Chicken with a glass of Jessica Wabbit (or the Little pink drink). If you stop by for lunch - definitely try the OMG burger or the Pork belly ramen. [Plano]

2. Ziziki: I go through phases with Ziziki's and whenever I make my return, I wonder why I was ever away. It has a unique Greek / Italian menu - I can eat here every day. There are three locations in the Metroplex and I think the menu varies a bit for each location. I always go to the Plano or Preston/Forest location.

What to order: Ziziki Bread, Lamb Loli chops and Artichoke Hummus; For Entree - I always get the Lamb Souvlakis. [Dallas and Plano]

3. La Duni : An oldie but goodie. This has been a favorite for as long as I have lived in Dallas. There are several locations - I always go to the McKinney Avenue location. 

What to order: Everything on the desert menu (ok maybe not, but they have great deserts - so make sure to try one). For a meal - the Lomito Cubano is a favorite of mine.  Pair with a glass of house sangria (or Naranjada). [Dallas]

4. Fearings at the Ritz: Recently voted one of the 101 best places to dine in America and I definitely agree. Food , Service, Atmosphere - all top noche. I love everything about this restaurant - very very luxurious and the meal is ah-mazing. One of my goals is to have a day of food at Fearing. 

What to order: For sunday brunch : The Almond french toast and Carmella’s Truck Stop Beef Enchilada are my personal favorite and on the Dinner menu  I love the Shichimi Spiced Double Cut Lamb Chops. [Dallas]