Portland | Grace Cooks : Our Thanksgiving Menu

I start planning thanksgiving (and friendgiving in October) and come November 1st, I have finalized my shopping list and table decor. This year, I will be in Europe during thanksgiving so we are deferring the celebration for a week (but that has not stopped the planning ). Today, I thought I will share our thanksgiving menu (along with a few variations so you have some options). This year's thanksgiving menu is curated from recipes from our sister site Table with a food blog and some of our favorite blogs including how sweet eats, i am a food blog , my name is yeh , the crepes of wrath and blogging over thyme. Alright, about that menu - I hope you have your stretchy pants picked out.

Drinks. I like to have a variety of options. This year I have narrowed it down to three drinks. Fresh Mint Lemonade (recipe by blogging over thyme). This cranberry cide punch by How Sweet It is ;summer fruit punch (it was created for summer but we love it all year round). These will go great with appetizers and snacks but also with thanksgiving dinner.

Appetizers and Snacks. Because of our Nigerian background, we always have a Nigerian twist to thanksgiving. This puff puff (fried dough) is always a big hit, so it is making a comeback this year. For a healthier alternative to the fried dough, I will also be serving this broccoli cranberry walnut salad. The football game will be on, so this perfect microwave nachos from i am a food blog will be making an appearance.

Gravy, Sauces and such. Our personal favorite - the mushroom and pancetta gravy will be served with bready things like this blackberry cornbread or the jalapeño and cheddar biscuits. Also considering this mini cream cheese and chive biscuits. Another option for gravy is this caramelized onion gravy by Oh my veggies.  For the sauces, we have always loved the sauce recipes by Love & Olive Oil and this year is no different. We will be making the blackberry apple sauce or this hibicus cranberry sauce.

Turkey !!!. Here is where I am still stuck - I have three recipes I am debating. All fantastic recipes, I just ran out of decision making juice. The Roast Turkey with lemon and sage from HGTV; this apple-brined turkey by food & wine or this applewood smoked turkey (I cry, it is so good). Maybe Turkey is not up your alley, this chicken in mushroom and terragon sauce was the star of friendsgiving 2014.

The potatoes and what not. I think mashed potatoes are fab and have always served this roast garlic goat cheese mash potato by how sweet eat. This year, I am going to give this sweet potato and ground turkey chili a try. I will also be serving this  jalapeño goat cheese cauliflower mash (trust me, it is amazing) which is a much lighter alternative to potatoes.

All the sides (except the potatoes). This is harder to narrow down than anything else, but I always try to make at least three sides (plus the selected potato offering). Here are serveral that I have made in the past and/or considering for this year's thanks giving. Rainbow carrot salad and waffle, maple & sausage stuffing by the Crepes of Wrath. From blogging over thyme , Asian Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Apple and Herb Stuffing and Green Bean Casserole with crispy onion from Smitten Kitchen.

Pies, Desserts and all things sweet. I planned to have two desserts, but then I started recipe planning and at last glance - I had four on the list (yikes). First up, something chocolaty, slightly boozy and creamy - this chocolate cupcakes with baileys irish cream frosting from my name is yeh. Then the amaretti pumpkin pie from Love & Olive Oil (gawd - I cannot wait). Something by Joy the Baker always makes an apperance at my thanksgiving table - this year it is going to be her Brown butter cheese pie (looks incredible). The pierce de resistance is the brown butter apple pie (with brown butter almond crumb topping) is an all year favorite, I never get tired of making and eating this pie.

Thanks for letting me share. What are you making for thanksgiving ?