While I was in Orlando...(and life lately)

I was in Denver most of last week on a business trip. I arrived in Denver barely 24 hours after returning to Dallas from Miami. Denver was supercold, Miami was nice and toasty - I don't think my body knew what to do with the significant swings in weather and three time zones in 48 hours bit, so naturally, it revolted and informed me that it needed a break. I got back to a very wet Dallas which was the perfect excuse to spend all of Saturday in bed watching the great Bristish bake off (if all reality competition shows were like this one, I might start watching them often). Sunday was a light day. I went to church, and then lunch with my lovelies before an afternoon of major R & R to get my body back 100 before heading off on the European vacation this weekend. All of that time in bed got me thinking about my time in Orlando last month and now you get to read all about it. 

I had a chance to go to Orlando for some work training last month. It was one of the better trainings I have attended but I will spare you all the nerdy accounting stuff and get to why YOU are here. The days were spent in training sessions, but a few evenings were free and naturally I spent those free nights exploring Orlando. We stayed at the Gaylord Palms resort in Kissimmee and the hotel alone was worth the trip to Orlando. If you are ever in these parts,  I suggest a visit to the Gaylord (even if you dont want to stay here), grab lunch at one of the many restaurants on site and just take some time to explore the Hotel, you will not be disappointed.  

On one of my free evenings, I went to EPCOT Center with some coworkers. Compared to disney, there are not that many rides - we managed to get in the Spaceship Earth ride - it is not as thrilling as Disney rides, but it is something I recommend if you visit EPCOT. After the ride, we made our way to the Countries to sample foods from around the world - It also happened to be the same week as the food and wine festival at EPCOT (which runs through November 18th). Needless to say, there was a whole lot of food to sample. I started off in Africa (purely coincidence) - even though I disagree with the food representations for Africa, I have to say the spicy hotdog with kimchi and mustard sauce along with a drink called frozen brown elephant was quite good.  Several countries later, I decided it was time for a taste of Italy with a pistachio gelato cookie sandwich (ah.mazing). Airsupply was on stage while we were there and there may have been some belting (out of tune) to making love out of nothing at all. Next we stopped by Brazil , Germany and America - where they seve a pumpkin spice funnel cake that was delish. Final stop was at France - the intention was to get the crepes, but there was a line wrapped around so we bailed on that to find a spot to watch the fireworks show for the evening. They know how to do fireworks at EPCOT.

The last night in Orlando was spent exploring the Disney Broadwalk. There was nothing spectacular here - we stopped into the JellyRolls Piano bar. It was a Thursday night and we had plans to spend time at the ESPN Club, but it was packed, so we ended up at JellyRolls piano bar for a little while before ending up on the patio of the Big River grille and brewing works - the rest of the evening was spent chatting with new and old friends. 

Thanks for letting me share.