Portland | Grace Fall Bucket List

At Portland | Grace we countdown the moments to fall. The falling off of old things and the coming to life of new things, we start planning in fall - everything from travel to recipes. We evaluate our goals for the year - what we wanted to accomplish, what we have accomplished, what to tweak and what to pursue.. We love that we don't have to justify our hot chocolate habits during this time of year and wearing scraves and boots are completely acceptable. Like I said we love fall and every year, we create our fall bucket list - Here are a few things we have planned and hope to get to in this season.

Travel. If you have spent anytime around these parts, you will have picked up on two things - we are wanderlusts and we are foodies. Our favorite time to travel is fall because its cheaper, the weather is awesome and there are no crowds (for the most part), so this fall we are back on the road, a few weekend trips here and there and then a major trip (which we have to sit on pins and needles to keep from sharing our destinations with you - just yet). If you are wondering where to go this season, take a look at our suggestions in our Tuesday post here.

Make Beef Bourguignon. You knew food was next on the list. We love to eat, but we love to cook even more, so this fall we will be trying our hands at Beef Bourguignon. It is the ultimate comfort food. We will be using one of these recipes - Julia Child ;  Laura Calder or Ina Garten (and of course we will share pictures with you).

Catch up on our reading. I should preface this by saying we mean our magazine reading, so many great issues came out in late summer and September and we have not gotten around to reading them. We were busy with relaunching the site, rebranding and establishing the shop. Things are starting to slow down, so we are getting back on track. We start with the September issue of Vogue.

Photograph our next collection. Our Back to New York collection is doing great and we love the response we have gotten. Stop by the shop here to have a look and pick up a print or two for your home or office. We are already in the planning phase for our next collection and we cannot wait to share.  Make sure you are following us on instagram, twitter or Facebook to be the first to know what city has inspired us and get a sneak peek of what's coming.

Do a home purge. The plan is to tackle a closet each weekend, so that by the end of fall we have completely decluttered our space. More on that coming soon.

Complete the Bedroom makeover. When we moved into our current space, we had an ecclectic mix of furniture from grad school, IKEA, thrift shops etc. Fast forward four years, we are finally getting a grown up bedroom and it's coming together perfectly. Yes ! we will share pictures once it is complete.

Thanks for letting me share. What are your plans for fall ?