Five Cities To Visit This Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times to travel. If I could, I will plan all my travels for mid-September to mid-November. The weather is great and travel cost tends to be much lower compared to the summer time and the summer vacationing crowds have returned to their homebase. A few places we would love to visit this fall (hoping we can get to some of these soon)

London. Everyone talks about the rain and the cold, but if you can get past that and book a trip. I guarantee you will not regret it. On the one hand the tourist crowd will have fizzled, but London has some of the prettiest fall foilage I have ever seen - I know, not what you will immediately think of when you think London, but if this picture is anything to go by - we cannot wait to pack our bags. 

Denver. Maybe the international flight is not your thing, how about something in the same Country. Denver is one of our favorite places to visit in fall. There is tons to see, do and eat in Denver - visit the botanical gardens and south broadwalk. Then add to that the incredible weather - what is there not to love. We have our jackets packed and cannot wait to get to the mile high city.

Visit Denver

Miami. We at Portland|Grace have just finalized plans for a weekend getaway to South Beach in just a few weeks and we cannot wait to share our itinerary with you. What we are most looking forward to - great food, perfect vacation weather and excellent beaches. Of Course, we will be sharing all our adventures right here.

St. Augustine , FL. For something off the beaten path - why not spend a weekend in one of America's oldest cities that boast great beaches and great food like the Harbour view cafe and landmarks like Castillo de San Marcos and St. Augustine Wild Reserve.


Tulum. Forget Cancun. Tulum is the place to be in Quintana Roo. If you are not a fan of cold/cooler temps. This is just the place for you. Clear blue sky, white sandy beach and the blueist water we have ever seen, you can lay on the beach and soak in the sun while the rest of us battle the cold weather. If you get bored laying on the beach (as if) - Tulum is home to one of the historic Mayan ruins and we recommend checking it out.

Thanks for letting me share. Where are you headed this fall ?