Three Weeks in Europe - The Packing List

No matter how much I plan (think writing down outfit pairings by day), I always overpack. I consider it one of my flaws - I always think I am going to need that red dress or those purple pumps - not on the European vacation though. I was going to be travelling around quite a bit and I did not want to log around several luggage pieces (plus purse and computer bag) and secondly, flights from the states to Europe only permit one 50 pounds (23 kg) checked luggage  plus a carry one and a personal item.  I made several packing lists, crossed off items, added items up to the last minute (I packed about four hours before my flight was scheduled to take off). I considered every activity, the weather forecast, versatility of each piece clothing and shoe packed. I planned one laundry day to make sure I had clean clothes.

Here is what made the cut. Each of these were utilized and came in handy on the trip (there is also a section on items I wish I packed).  I had a checked bag, a computer bag and a personal handbag.

Clothing. I packed only versatile pieces in (mostly) neutral colors i.e. dresses that works as dresses and tops. Here are the specifics, 

  • 2 shirts - 1 Chambray and 1 checkered
  • 6 sweaters - 3 light sweaters and 3 thicker sweaters (worn over tees on colder days). 
  • 6 dresses
  • 3 pairs of Jeans
  • 3 Tees

Undergarments - Enough underwear for 12 days.

Shoes. A pair of black boots ; black flats and flip flops.

Accessories. 2 scraves (a neutral and a colorful one); 2 pairs of socks ; 1 black belt; 1 pair of black gloves; a black hat; 2 pairs of tights. 1 handbag ; 1 computer bag ; 1 toileteries bag and 1 makeup bag.

Makeup bag. Foundation, Concealer, mascara, lip gloss, lipsticks (I packed 5 - a mix of neutrals and brights); eye liner; primer, powder, eye shadow palette; blush/bronzer compact; brow pencil and brow gel.; setting spray

Toiletteries bag. Although, I went for very affordable hotels, I made sure it had the basics provided - lotion, shampoo, body wash. I also packed two hotel sized lotions and two hotel sized body wash (just in case) ; moisturizer; Deodorant; Sheet mask (2); Travel sized perfume. Toileteries were discarded as soon as it was used up. 

Tech. Laptop and charger ; I-phone with the usb cord ; I-pad with usb cord (In hindsight, I could have left this at home). 2 sets of headphones; 2 battery packs to charge cell phone on the go. DSLR camera, wide angle lens and charger.

What I should have packed.  While on the trip, there were a few items I wish I brought with me and some items I had to pick up during the trip. Converter - the plug-in are different in the UK and other parts of Europe so I had to pick up two types of converters to keep my laptop, cell phone and battery packs charged.  Umberella (which I had to purchase day 2 of my trip); Rain Boots (My boot were damaged by all the rain by day 20); Ear Muff (I managed without them, but it would have been awesome to have).

Laundry Considerations. This packing list considered the fact that I would have one day to do laundry during my trip. I ended up doing a load each week I was away - that was much more manageable than doing one large load.

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