Where you might find Portland|Grace in 2016

For the last few weeks, I have been elbows deep in 2016 travel plans - hours of travel website research and I had a list of fifteen destinations to start. Then, I considered the best time to visit, cost and fesibility of location. Next, I took into account wedding invitations, family vacation, reunions and work obligations. until I narrowed it to five destination.  I am super excited at what made the cut because I have not been to most of these places (recommendations are welcome). Based on what made the cut, solo travelling is going to be at a minimum this year (eeek) ,but I get to explore more of the United States (and North America) - which is a goal of mine this year. Here is a run down of where you might find me and my camera in 2016. 

San Francisco (and Sonoma). This was going to be a birthday trip, but as I was typing this, I got word that a bridal shower for one of my nearest and dearest is planned for early summer in Sonoma, so I am pushing back my birthday trip. I am going to merge both trips together since Sonoma is only about an hour from San Fransico. I am looking forward to exploring all that San Francisco has to offer.

Las Vegas. I was in Vegas a few year ago for a quick overnight trip which left a lot to be desired. I will like to head back for a proper Vegas trip - stay in a hotel in the heart of the strip , watch a show (and maybe take a day trip to see the grand canyon). Memorial day plans, anyone ? 

Denver and the Rockies. For years, I have been going to Denver for work and I love my time in Denver. This year, I am going to head over for a personal trip to check out a few places the locals have recommended.

Montreal, Canada. The first wedding trip of the year. Grateful to friends who have destination weddings. Since my visit to Montreal in the summer of 2009, I have been planning to head back but could not seen to carve out the time, until now. My firends chose Montreal as the backdrop for their late summer wedding and I am thrilled to be a part of their big day (and explore Montreal).

Europe. I had no plans for Europe this year. I am still basking in the glory of my recent trip, but its been ages since my cousins and I were in the same city. One of them has taken it upon herself to organize a mini-reunion and Europe is at the top of everyone's list. It is too early in the planning process to know what Countries we are will be exploring,but its Europe so I said "sign me up!" (secretly hoping for Greece and maybe another go at Italy)

I am sure there will be one or two sponteneous trips added to the list. Plus,I am hopeful there will be some engagements announced soon - so this list is sure to get longer. I will keep you posted.  

Of course, all the stories and experiences from these cities will be right here on the blog.