There was not much happening around these part in December. I got back from Europe on the 1st and literaily got back to work the same day.  It has stayed busy on the work front all month which is great because it distracts me from the fact that I am not in Nigeria for Christmas. The only time I get jealous about someone taking a trip is when they are heading to Lagos (sigh).

In my downtime, I have been working on the next fine art print collection for the shop. I am down to two cities and have decided to edits two collections because I cannot decide on which one to release.  On launch day (sometime in 2016), I am going to close my eyes and hit publish on one of the two collections. They are both incredible.

I have also been trying to schedule posts for the coming months. Work gets very busy from January to April and I want to have a few posts ready to go - should things get too busy. There are lots of stories from my travels in the last five months that I want to share with you, so there is a lot of laptop time happening. With every post I write, my heart is filled with gratitude and thanks to God for the opportunity to live out my dream to see the world.

Christmas was very low key - I spent the day eating cake and watching Netflix, very relaxing. I am off work this last week of December, so I started decluttering my closet, had a few conference calls to plan 2016 travels and started working on my at home office space. 

The highlight of my month was dinner with one of my nearest and dearest who was in the Country to spend Christmas with her inlaws. She was craving mediterranian so we went to Ziziki's on Preston & Forest (one of my favorite Dallas restaurants). We ordered the Ziziki bread for starters. For the main course , I got my usual order of Souvlakis and she ordered the leg of lamb gyros. The food was excellent (as always). It was such a great time - we laughed (too loud), ate too much and had a merry time.  After dinner, we went to check out the lights at Vitruvia Park - I had seen it earlier in the month and was raving about it at dinner we decided to check it out before calling it a night.

Hope you had a very happy Christmas. Cheers to 2016, I hope it is a great one for all of us.

What did you get up to in December ?