One day until Christmas !!!

When I was younger, Christmas was the day I looked forward to all year (and in this season), the older I have gotten, Christmas eve is what I look forward to in this festive season. Christmas eve starts off with me belting out of tune to the Christmas CD of the moment (this year, I am all about Mariah Carey's Christmas album circa 1994). Christmas movie marathon, homemade hot chocolate, christmas carols, visits to light displays around Dallas (this year, I am going to check out the SMU lights displays), and baking sessions.  If I am hosting Christmas dinner, I have got the oven going non stop with pies, cookies and cakes. This year, it is going to be a quiet affair, I decided to make a personal favorite, the Sour cream cake. It is the simplest cake to bake. Very effortless - Just toss all the ingredients in a mixer, whip it up and it is ready to bake at 350 F for thirty-five minutes. Super easy, super quick. You can find the hot chocolate here. The Sour cream cake recipe is on our sister site here

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas eve and an incredible christmas day.

Bake a cake and share with your nearest and dearest. 

Happy Christmas everyone.