We were all exhausted from a long year and in need of a vacation. When "B" decided to tack on a few vacation days to a destination wedding and invited us, my response was a quick and easy "yes". 

"G" , FA", and I flew out of DFW on a Wednesday afternoon. Our flight landed in Cancun shortly before 6:30 p.m. After getting through immigration and collecting our luggage, we waited outside the terminal for the bus transfer to Playa Del Carmen city center. "BB", "Jo" and "Mo" had arrived from the East coast the day before and were already settled in our condo.

We waited twenty minutes before the bus arrived and we settled into our seats for the forty-five-minute drive to Playa Del Carmen.  It was dark when the bus pulled out of the airport (and I was exhausted), I don't remember much about the ride. We arrived in Playa Del Carmen city center about 8 p.m and although it was a short walk to our rental, we opted for the short cab ride.  The ladies from the East Coast were prepped to head to dinner when we arrived.  Quick pleasantries, a shower and a change of clothes and then dinner at a lovely restaurant around the corner from our condo.  Dinner was excellent. 

The next morning started off with breakfast on the beach, a stroll on the beach which was followed by lounging beachside alternating between stuffing our faces with food, naps and reading. This was our routine every day we were in Playa Del Carmen.  It was incredible. 

Here are snapshots of our time in Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen
Playa Del Carmen

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