Olivia Macaroons

Georgetown is fast becoming one of my favorite travel destinations in America. if I ever decided to leave Dallas, I want to move into one of those rowhouses with brightly colored doors. Reason number one why this place has grabbed a hold of my wanderlust heart - The food.  There is so much great food on offer in Georgetown it was hard to narrow down the list. With each trip, I check off a place and there has not been a place that has dissapointed.

Here are a few of my favorites:

If you want cupcakes and other baked things. The very known Georgetown cupcakes with lines wrapped around for a taste of the cupcake that has captured our hearts on TLC and as amazing as the cupcakes are here, locals will recommend Baked and Wired as the place to be. I had to check it out. It too had a line wrapped around right up until closing. The cupcakes are amazing.  If you don't care for cupcakes, they have lots of other baked option, including, quiches and biscuits. Once you have decided on your baked good, grab a beverage. The chai latte is one of my favorites. For cupcakes - the pistachio cupcake is a personal favorite. Baked and Wired is located on Jefferson. Once you are fully stuffed with baked things, take a short walk over to the Washington harbor and take in the view.

Georgetown Cupcakes
Georgetown Cupcakes
Baked and Wired
Cupcake at Baked and Wired

If you want Macaroons. Olivia has one the best macaroons I have ever tasted outside Paris. You will find it nestled beside Dean and Deluca. The ambience is clean and the macaroon tower in the window display just invites you in. There are about fifteen different macaroon flavors. The red velvet and pistachio are my favorites. When I visited, there was a chocolate bacon macaroon on offer which other patron told me was worth it. The staff all raved about the blood orange flavor. It was a very rainy afternoon in D.C. and the temp was starting to drop so I got a machiatto with chocolate that was fab. Don't leave Georgetown without stopping in to Olivia.

PAUL : French Family Bakery and Patisserie
PAUL : French Family Bakery and Patisserie

If you want a taste of France. There are a few french spots in Georgetown, but for one that is both great and affordable - then my pick has to be PAUL. You must try quiche lorraine - it is the best. The soups are also fantastic. When you are done with your meal, grab a couple of freshly baked pastries and bread to take home (you will thank me).

If you want an All American Meal. Ha.le.lu.jah. finally a burger place I can get with. I LOVE good stuff eatery, I have dedicated an entire blog post to the burgers and milkshakes. You check out that post for my ode to good stuff eatery. As soon as you arrive in the D.C area, head over for a burger and milkshake. My favorites are the spike burger and the marshmallow milkshake (life changing !!!)

Good Stuff Eatery

If you want Italian. There are a few places with great Italian food in Georgetown, but the one that stands above the rest is Filomena. Watching the Italian grandma make fresh pasta in the window is your first introduction to Filomena. Then down the stairs to be seated for a meal you will be talking about for months to come. Seafood is what the staff recommend, but the lasagna - that was my favorite.

filomena ristorante washington dc

A few other favorites - Dolcessa for gelato ; Sweetgreen for frozen yogurt and delicious healthy food. Dean and Deluca for gourmet food and J-Paul's takes the prize for brunch.

Any others you will recommend ? Have you tried any of these places ?

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