I am headed to Los Angeles tomorrow for a quick weekend trip. I am an over packer. I will rather log more than I need on a trip than find myself in need of something while I am away. Over the last year and half, as I have been on the road more I have been working hard to whittle down the contents of my carry-on to just the things I need (especially for weekend trips). Here is a glimpse into what I am packing for the weekend away.

Airport Style. My airport style is very simple. I like chic and comfortable. I usually go for a pair of jeans and a simple tee paired with a wedge sandal or cute flat. I am going with leopard flats on this trip. I am always cold so I am packing a light jacket that will keep me warm and also work with every other outfit I have packed for the trip. 

For the Weekend. It's all about simple, multi-function pieces. I have packed a floral maxi dress (to be worn with a neutral toned wedge sandal). The outfit is perfect for strolling the Santa Monica pier or a night out.   One of the reasons I am heading to L.A. is to attend this event on Saturday.  It is an all day event and I will like to be comfortable. I am also packing three tees, a pair of skinny jean, leopard print flats, wristlet and scarf.

Makeup Bag. Keeping things very light. I am packing a good moisturizer // primer // foundation // powder // Eyeshadow // one neutral lip color // one bold lip color  // blush //concealer //beauty blender // mini beauty blender // powder & blush brush

Some other items that I am packing. a book or magazine (currently reading life is....); Water bottle (I need to stay hydrated); Camera (I take most of my picture on my iPhone, but I like to have a back up, just in case); headphones; I-Pad ;battery packs. 

What do you usually pack for your weekend getaway ?