Life in: September (and August)

August was ridiculously busy, I did not get a chance to share what I was up to for the month. We are going to try to catch up on the last two months with one post. We launched the shop on September 14 and it has been such a joy to see everything come together, if you have not visited the new store - check it out here. There is currently a giveaway happening for a chance to win a print from the collection - you can enter the giveaway here. To know a little bit more about the collection - we discuss it here. Now, to what I have been up to in August and September. A quick warning September was very light in activity but we made everything we did count.

August was all about weddings. Two dear friends tied the knot this month and I had an incredible time at the weddings. That white dress I picked up in July was perfect for "U's" traditional engagement paired with maroon headtie. For the wedding, my friend and designer created this beaut - it was perfect. For "K" wedding, I went with this Eliza J Strappy Pleated Popover Maxi Dress in Royal blue. I had my eye on it for ages and was finally able to pick it up at the last clear the rack sale. One more wedding this month.

September was sprinkled with weddings and baby showers. It was awesome to celebrate all of my beautiful friends at the different stages in their life. There were so many wedding this summer, so I am working on a round up of everything I wore to those weddings - coming to the blog next Tuesday.

I LOVE listening to podcast and lately I have been listening to the 99% Invisible podcast. This is a design and architecture podcast that is perfect for someone like me with a love for infrastructure (and great story telling about Infrastructure). A few of my favorite episodes - Sandhogs , Devil's Rope, Under the Moonlight, Penn Station sucks and The nutshell studies. There are so many other I can recommend, leave me a comment if you need more recommendation. 

The song I have on repeat: John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 by Keith Urban is one that I always turn up the volume on it's one of those songs that gets me up and going.

My Restaurant Discovery of the month. Thairiffic in the uptown neighborhood of Dallas (Cedar Spring). The food here is ridiculously good. The stuffed chicken wings is so good -  I cry. Also, the Bacon Fried Rice (with chicken) is just a foodie's dream come true.

The Book I have been reading. #GirlBoss and inspires you to get off you rear end and go kick some butt. Seriously "jolt you into action" book. I am still working through that one, but I had to put it on hold to dig into Christine Caine's Undaunted - This is an incredible book . You have got to read it for yourself. That brings me to some news - the launch of the Portland | Grace bookclub - We will be kicking things off before the end of year - so let me know if you like more information about it.

Took a quick trip to New Orleans in early September. It was supposed to be short R & R , but you know me, If there is a city to explore, that is priority and when that city is known for incredible food - then R & R has got to be put on hold. A quick guide from NoLA will be arriving here in October.

What did you get up to in September (and August) ?