A day at the Beach . New York

With the last glimpse of summer fading away, I am doing my best to hang on to the memories of a great summer with a post about a little time spent at the beach. At the start of the year, when I was mapping out vacation plans, my top locations all had me spending time on the beach, btu somehow the only beach time I could squeeze in was during my time in New York.

Coney Island Beach
Luna Park

We had plans to head to Montauk for a few days but the timing was not right. However, on one of my last days in the City, I made a sponteneous trip to Coney Island and it turned out to a day well spent. I left the apartment planning to head to Soho, but had a change of heart while waiting for the train and decided to go check out Coney Island. I arrived just before noon.  The train ride from midtown to Coney Island took about 45 minutes. 

If you are in search of white sandy beach with clear blue waters - this may not satisy that, but I had a wonderful time laying on the beach , soaking in the sun and catching up on my summer reading. That was followed by strolling Luna park and the broadwalk while enjoying a hot dog from Nathan's and shaved ice.  

A perfect vacation day. 

Coney island
Luna Park
coney island beach

Thanks for letting me share.