You know that kid on Christmas morning excitement ? That is how I felt on this June morning. The day had finally arrived and I was going to Magnolia market and silos in Waco. From the moment, I decided to spend that weekend in Austin - I began making plans to visit Magnolia Silos and the famous silos. 

If you are wondering what in the world I am talking about - here goes. Magnolia market and silo is the home goods store owned by stars of HGTV's fixer upper - Chip and Joanna Gaines. I have loved the show for years and their decor style speaks to the interiors nerd in me.  There was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to visit this interiors wonderland in Waco.   

magnolia silos

]Chip and Joanna have created an environment at the silos that invites you in - everything from the welcome sign that grace the doorway of the store (perfect for all those foot selfies), food trucks lining the fence walls , gorgeous art decor in the bathroom, playground featuring a swing set that even adults cannot resist, black and white umbrellas that cover the picnic area and even Chip's truck from the early days of their HGTV show; every corner of the silos reflects the couples and their design philosophy, you see their personal touch in every inch of the silos and that warmth you feel and love from their TV show is woven into every inch of this place.  

"Just one hour" , I told myself as I pulled into the parking lot. I wanted to make it to Austin before the weekend rush hour traffic but I completely lost myself in all the Instagram-worthy nooks and crannies of the Silos. Not even sweltering Texas heat could hurry me through the visit. Most of my time was spent exploring every inch of the store , then lunch from the crepes food truck (the crepes were amazing).  I planned not to purchase anything but I could not resist the magnolia signature candle and a campfire mug. The signature candles have become my go to gift and it always gets the rave review.  

Almost three hours after arriving and several snaps shots of every corner of the silos, I managed to tear myself away and continue my road trip to Austin. There will be many more trips to the silos, I already have a date circled on my calendar and next time will be better than the last because the fixer upper bakery (real name - magnolia flour) is now open.  Who is up for a road trip ?