Back in April, I had the opportunity redo my trip to Los Angeles. My first trip to the city of angels was sub par at best because of several factors including poor planning on my part. Once I confirmed my April 2016 trip to Los Angels, I began making plans to avoid the pitfalls of the first trip. I had my itinerary set up (by the hour) - It was going to be epic (Is that still a word the kids use ?). However, mother nature had other ideas. The rain started Ijust as we landed in  LAX and continued until late saturday night.

Thankfully, we got clear skies and sunshine on Sunday morning and Getty Villa was on the itinerary. When I am asked to describe Getty Villa - I always liken it to a muted Versailles palace. Although, nothing compares to the gandiose of Versailles, Getty Villa holds its own. With Roman and Greek influnces on  the decor and architecture, the Getty Villa is impressive in its own rights and I had a wonderful time exploring the grounds and museum. 

It would have been the perfect Sunday morning if the fountains were not turned off to conserve water due to the drought SoCal was experiencing at the time. All in all - a morning well spent and a place I will recommend for your itinerary if you are ever in these parts. Admission is free, so why not.