Because I live in Texas - my summer does not end until early to mid October so this post is not quite as late as you think. What a summer we had around these parts.

When I was planning out the year (and my budget) - I had this lofty idea of heading to a new destination every other week during the summer. There were no international trip on the agenda, but I determined to see a lot of this Country. Life had other plans though.

For many reasons (including my body forcing me to slow down and rest), I did not get to visit any of the places I had on my 2016 plan. I did make return visits to D.C and NYC (always a great time) and after living in Texas for almost a decade - I finally (properly) explored Austin.

Although the summer turned out differently than I planned - it was still an incredible summer getting to slow down, cultivating new friendships, reconnecting with old friends and discovering hidden gems in Dallas. The limited travel means travel posts are down to once a week, but the "life" category of the blog is springing up with some personal, recipe and interior content. Here are some of my favorite moments from the summer....

Getting ready to head to New York City for a little bit of R & R and to shoot updates to the NY Collection arriving in two days. See preview here on 9/22.

Stopping to watch the sunrise on my morning walks has become my favorite part of  morning. I am always reminded of Psalms 65:8 - Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of praise.

Trying to do better with my eating habits and incorporating vegetarian recipes to my weekly meal plan. This chana masala is a favorite around these parts (recipe coming soon).

Discovering all the coffee shops in Dallas. My favorite - Magnolia. Go for the interiors and design, stay for the fab cafe menu.

Two of my favorite New York eateries opened up in Dallas this summer. Halal guys and Shake Shack.

Something about fresh blooms makes everything better. Picking up fresh blooms has become a part of my weekend routine.

Mornings are not complete without a London fog latte. 

Seven months later - still trying to settle into the new place. My work area and vanity setup are my favorite spots in the apartment.

Back to journaling in this pretty thoughts journal designed by mozdeb. I love it.

Discovering hidden gems in Dallas like Joy Macaroon , Set & Co and Laughing Willow in the Bishop Arts district and the hall collection at the KPMG Plaza in the Dallas Arts district.

Afternoon tea has become a huge part of weekends at home (or the random work from home days)

Spending the happiest hour catching up with friends.

Family photo shoot with my sibling shot by the amazing mozdeb

Getting to plan a surprise anniversary lunch for a friend.

What a summer, right ? Time to prep for fall.

Will love to hear about your favorite summer moment(s), pop a comment below.