Brooklyn is one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore whenever I am in New York City.  If you have never explored Brooklyn in your NY excursions - make plans to remedy that on your next visit. I love how Brooklyn has that NY vibes without the craziness. Personally, I think Brooklyn embodies all the things I love in NYC. I have typically limited my excursions to  DUMBO and Brooklyn heights, but on this last New York trip, I decided it was time to explore Williamsburg.  I met up with "I" in the city and we started our day strolling East river park before heading out to Williamsburg. Specifically,  I wanted to see the "lost time" mural at Broadway and Bedford and sample treats from Sweethaus bakery.

It took us a while to find the mural because I could not remember what it was called so we wandered down every major street before we found it. In our our wandering we discovered the Muhammed Ali mural on the walls of Joe's Pizza , Bedford cheese shop and Devocion coffee. Devocion coffee has possibly the most impressive coffee shop set up (second to Magnolia Sous in Dallas) I have seen and the coffee press displayed at the entrance hallway is really cool stuff. 

We stopped by Sweet Haus for some nourishment. Lots of options, but we settled for the five cheese grilled cheese and the vanilla cupccake. The cupcake was alright but the star has to go to the grilled cheese which was amazing. Here are snapshots from our afternoon wandering.